For Tourists

Tourist ticket

If you have limited time in Osaka, you can use a Tourist ticket!

・One week visitor’s pass 3 ticket 9,000yen

Registration fee free!
Ticket valid for one week from the date of purchase for all classes.

・1 lesson 3,740 yen
・Studio rental 2,750yen/1H


AM11:00-12:00 Sexy Heel Class(spining pole)
PM12:30-13:30 Chair Floor Work(Non POLE)
PM14:00-15:00 Pole Dance All Level
PM17:30-18:30 Pre Pole Dance Class
PM18:45-19:45 Beginner Pole Dance Class
PM20:00-21:00 Belly Dance

PM18:00-19:00 Aerial Yoga(Studio503)
PM19:15-20:15 Hammock Dance(Studio503)

AM11:30-12:30 Beginner Spining Pole Class
PM13:00-14:00 Beginner Pole Dance Class
PM18:45-19:45 Pole Dance All Level
PM20:15-21:15 Only Sexy

AM11:00-12:00 Pole Dance All Level
PM14:00-15:00 Pole Dance around 40
PM17:00-18:00 Kids Pole Dance
PM18:45-19:45 Pole Dance All Level
PM20:15-21:15 Sexy Heel Class(Spining Pole)
PM22:00-23:00 Men’s Pole Dance

AM11:30-12:30 Pole Dance around 40
PM13:00-14:00 Beginner Pole Dance
PM18:45-19:45 Beginner Pole Dance
PM20:15-21:15 Pole Comb

AM11:00-12:00 Pole Dance All Level
PM12:15-13:15 Beginner Pole Dance
PM14:00-15:00 Healing Yoga(Studio503)
PM13:30-15:00 Jazz Pole
PM15:30-16:30 Aerial Hoop

PM12:00-12:50 Flexibility Training
PM13:00-14:00 Pole Dance All Level
PM14:30-15:30 Spining Pole Dance
PM16:00-17:00 Sexy Basic Heel Class